Wally the Watermelon

WALLY THE WATERMELON is a fruit-shaped bite that will relieve your baby’s discomfort during teething while introducing him or her to the benefits of healthy eating habits.

Including watermelon in your diet helps maintain the 90 of water that makes up our body. Cool off with WALLY THE WATERMELON and stay hydrated all day!

Introduce your baby to the importance of maintaining healthy habits from a young age.

100 Natural - Hand Made - Non Toxic - Eco Friendly - Certified Quality - Socially responsible


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ECO FRIENDLY: Made of 100 pure natural rubber from hevea tree. Flexible, soft, easy to catch and safe to bite and play. Babies love the texture of natural rubber. Biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

HAND MADE: Hand-painted with natural pigments. It’s not a synthetic plastic toy! It is completely safe for the baby to use as a bite.

NON-TOXIC: Non-toxic, PVC-free, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine. Highly hygienic and mold-free. None of our products have holes, which prevents the appearance of bacteria inside.

CERTIFIED QUALITY: Certified as environmentally friendly and non-toxic by Bureau Veritas. Completely safe for babies.