What child has never dreamed of being like little Mowgli? And it is the life to live a thousand adventures, climb trees, climb mountains, discover animals and plants in the park … For all this, which makes your little one unstoppable, the Happy Jungle T-shirt is perfect.

Made of 100% pima cotton, the purest cotton in the world, so that nothing stops or bothers you in your movements. Welcome to my little jungle Mowgli.

The Happy Jungle collection is dreamed and created to live it, so that your little one plays without stopping and learns thousands of things every day accompanied by all these little animals of the jungle, that like your little one nothing stops them and they are free.

And if the “siesta” invades you? … do not worry, Mom, the shirt is so soft and comfortable that you will not want to take it off or dream about sleeping. Environmentally friendly. Free of allergens and toxic substances. 100% indicated for atopic skin.

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